General/student information

School Hours

Ordinary school hours are 8.40am – 3.15pm


Parents are asked to notify the school by note or telephone call of any absence from school, or for leave required at lunchtime. The phone number for absences is 835 4199 or 021 477 550

School Holidays

Apart from school holiday breaks, Waitangi Day, Easter, Queen’s Birthday, Labour Day and Hawke’s Bay Anniversary Day are observed as holidays. Please check the Term Calendars for other days the school is closed.

School Fees and Other Charges

The school donation is voluntary and tax deductible. The donation is used to pay for internet costs, computer consumables, copyright fees and a wide range of extra-curricular activities and additional capital expenditure as the Board may decide. The 2015 donation is $170 for one student and $300 for two or more students.

There is an optional charge of $20 for the annual school magazine. This is distributed at the end of the year but charged for at the start of year to determine the print run.

Textbooks are issued free to students, but payment is required for lost or damaged books. However, a small charge is levied for photocopying paper since so many subjects have school developed resources in addition to textbooks. There is also a fee to offset the costs of students printing computer work.

As part of the Year 9 programme, students will be studying some subjects where there is a ‘take home’ component of materials. There is a charge for these materials, for example, in Home Economics, Art and Design Technology. These charges are also payable at other year levels.

Reporting to Parents

Reports are sent out regularly. At the end of Term One there is an interim progress report for all students. There are five further reports including assessment data made available throughout the year with a full written report at the end of the year.

Special evenings are arranged during the year when parents can consult all their daughter’s teachers.

Leaving School

A request to leave school during the school year or at the end of the year must be sent to the Principal in writing at least one week before leaving school and should state destination or proposed occupation.

Old Girls' Association

This Association welcomes girls who attended the school.  Please contact the school for current information on the Old Girls’ Association.

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