School Fees 2019

School Fees and Other Charges


The school donation is voluntary and tax deductible. The donation is used to pay for internet costs, computer consumables, copyright fees and a wide range of extra-curricular activities and additional capital expenditure as the Board may decide. The 2019 donation is $170 for one student and $300 for two or more students.

Stationery Costs

You will receive a stationery and workbook list prior to the beginning of school via email. The cost for stationery and workbooks is estimated at approximately $120.00.

Subject Fees

As part of the Year 9 programme, students will be studying some subjects where there is a ‘take home’ component of materials. There is a charge for these materials, for example, in Home Economics, Art and Design Technology. These charges are also payable at other year levels.

These fees are not optional. Before a student takes a subject she should check with you whether she can afford it. While most of the fees are small for the year, eg $10, a course of Senior Photography can be $150. If these fees are not paid, a Leaving Certificate is withheld until the debt has been settled.

School Magazine – Torchbearer
The charge of $17 for the annual school magazine is optional. This is distributed at the end of the year, but charged for at the start of the year to determine the print run.

Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC)
All Year 9 classes will have the opportunity to take part in a day of EOTC on Thursday 14 February (4 classes) and Friday 15 February (4 classes). The purpose of this day is for students to get to know members of their horizontal class and the staff who will be teaching them. The class will work as a unit learning co-operative skills and trust skills whilst having some intellectual and physical challenges. The cost for the day is currently being reviewed but is expected to be approximately $75.

Music Tuition and Hire
Parents who wish their daughters to have instrumental tuition in school time can do so by paying a modest fee for the year.
• Tuition for all instruments – $160 for the year, payable in advance.
• Instrument hire – $80 per year.

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