The school uniform changed in 2012 and now consists of 12 pieces which can be worn throughout the year. There will be no distinction between winter and summer. There will be a specified look for some occasions to reflect the purpose.

Please refer to the accompanying photographs to make sure all students are wearing their uniform correctly.

Girls are to wear only gold or silver studs (earrings) with one or two in each ear only.

Any special requirements that a student may need with regards to uniform is to be put in writing to the Dean.


Uniform Shop Hours:

Sunday 29 April, 2-5pm

Term 2 every Wednesday from 1-4.30pm

Kilt $150.00
Short Sleeve blouse   $50.00
Long Sleeve blouse   $50.00
Cardigan $110.00
Tie   $25.00
Sleeveless vest (optional)   $75.00
Blazer (compulsory from 2014) $180.00
Kilt pin     $2.00
Opaque tights   $12.00
White ankle socks   $10.00
Winter shoes (McKinlay Molly) $90.00
Winter jacket $90.00
PE Uniform compulsory for Year 9 and 10 students
Physical Education Shorts   $40.00
Physical Education Shirt   $38.00
Sport socks   $18.00


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