Make and Model

Make and Model

Last Thursday (19th October) seven Napier Girls’ High School students attended the A & P Show for the Design, Make and Model Competition.

There were many contestants with wonderful garments, which proved a real challenge to compete with.

Four categories were entered, which were Senior (Rhyan Papistock), Intermediate (Jessica Grant, Kezia Alexander, Aimee Wilson), Young Designer (Breanna Burgess) and Sustainable (Eleanor Hollings-Hatton, Gemma Heal).

Jessica Grant was runner-up in the Intermediate category, Breanna Burgess runner-up in the Young Designer category and Eleanor Hollings-Hatton winning the Sustainable category with Gemma Heal being awarded as runner-up.

Rhyan, Aimee and Kezia had garments of an incredible standard and were also finalists.

Congratulations to everyone who participated!