Student Information


We believe that clear and consistent rules are necessary for the smooth-running of the school.  Parental support for the upholding of these rules is most desirable so that our students receive consistent messages and guidance from both school and home.


Whenever the school is open, all students must attend all classes for which they have been enrolled.  No student may leave the school during the school day apart from the exceptions below. Leaving the school grounds without permission is viewed as a serious offence.


If parents know in advance that their daughter is to be absent from school, for example for sporting or cultural participation not organised by the school, or a family event or holiday, an email should be sent to Lianne Parkinson well in advance of the absence, preferably a week in advance. This enables the Principal to ensure that the absence will not unduly affect the student’s education.  Each case is dealt with on its individual merits. The absence will be deemed as either “approved leave” or “unapproved leave”. Teachers are not required to provide work in advance for unapproved leave.


Every attempt should be made for appointments to be made outside school hours.  The parent/caregiver needs to phone the absence line (06) 835 4199 or email The student needs to sign out, and back in again, at the Student Centre with Mrs Parkinson, Home Liaison.


When a student is absent, the parent/caregiver is requested to phone/text/email the home liaison officer with the reason for absence on that day:  Our school app is the easiest way to do this.  This can be downloaded for Apple or Android from the App Store.


It is important that a student suffering from an infectious illness obtains medical confirmation that it is safe to remain at or return to school.

The safety of other students in the school is a paramount consideration at all times.

If in doubt, the parent/caregiver should contact the Principal to discuss the situation.


All students are asked to pay a school fee and must pay subject and other fees in order to fund their participation in school activities in and outside the classroom.  These fees shall be determined by the Board of Trustees and are subject to annual review.


Requests to be excused from homework, or enquiries or complaints about homework, must be addressed to the subject teacher or the Dean by the parent/caregiver.


All students are required to take part in the physical education programme provided by the school.  This includes swimming, which is a compulsory part of the school physical education curriculum. Any exemption, other than a very temporary exemption, will be granted only on the production of a medical certificate.


Students are to play sports for school teams.  An exemption to play in an outside team instead of a school team may be requested from the Principal, and is granted in exceptional circumstances.


Students who wish to drive a car or ride a motor cycle or motor scooter to or from school should obtain permission from the Principal.  This is requested on the form “Permission to bring a vehicle to school”, available from the Principal’s Secretary.

Any student with such permission may not carry any other student as a passenger while travelling to and from school unless an exemption letter from the NZTA is presented.

There will be a school consequence for both drivers and passengers who have not gained permission.  Students are only to park on Shakespeare Road or Coote Road.  Parking in Clyde Road is out of bounds.


Bicycles must be secured in the Gardener’s store on the upper green.


Bus students must line up in the bus areas on the top green and board the buses only when directed to do so by the Duty Teacher.

Behaviour on school buses must be appropriate, or the student may be refused permission to travel on the bus.


Students are expected to keep their uniforms clean and tidy and to wear them correctly at all times.  This includes on the way to school and returning home.

The same expectation applies when attending any out-of-school event where school uniform is worn.


The only jewellery that may be worn is a watch and plain gold/silver studs in the ears

Other body piercings are not acceptable. Confiscated jewellery will be secured in a named envelope which can be collected by a parent/caregiver the following day.


Extremes of hair colour and fashion are not acceptable. Hair colour should look natural.

Make-up and nail varnish is not to be worn with school uniform.

Tattooing of the skin is not acceptable where it may be seen at any time when the student is subject to school expectations.


All clothing, books and other property brought to the school must be plainly marked with the name of the student.

The school does not accept any responsibility for any clothing, books or other property which may be lost by students or which are damaged while at the school.  It is a condition of enrolment at the school that students and their parents accept that the school, its employees and agents, will not have any responsibility in respect of money or articles lost, stolen, mislaid or damaged, however this may be caused, whether or not there has been any negligence or breach of a common law or statutory duty on the part of the school or its employees and agents.  The school will, however, strive to ensure that personal property is safe.


If it is necessary for a student to bring money or valuables to school, she must hand these in to the Student Centre for safe keeping.  The school will not accept responsibility for money or valuables lost or stolen.


Students who have been allocated a locker may secure it with a padlock. This must be removed at the end of the year and the locker emptied.

Access to lockers is before school, at the end of morning interval and at the end of lunchtime.

It is unhygienic to leave food in lockers.


While at school, personal devices are to be used under the guidance and at the discretion of staff, and according to Napier Girls’ High School guidelines.  Students must ensure their devices are named and protected in some way. Misuse of a cell phone will result in confiscation of the phone overnight and a parent must collect it the next day.


There is a phone available at the office for emergencies. Calls to cellphone numbers require permission from the office staff. Telephone messages will be taken for students only in the case of extreme urgency.


Students are expected to remain in the school grounds but there are places where they should not be (these places are made clear to the students). If the weather is wet or cold, there are designated rooms for different groups.


Students who are unavoidably late to school must sign in at the Student Centre and explain their lateness. They will be given a slip to show their teachers. Students who are late to class must have a note from the member of staff who detained them. Ongoing lateness will result in consequences and/or a meeting with parents to arrange a solution to the problem.


The following areas are out of bounds to students unless they have a legitimate reason for being there:

  • classrooms, corridors and decks during interval and lunchtime, unless the weather is bad
  • the Hall
  • any set of steps leading to Clyde Road
  • the sloping green in front of Arthur House
  • the area behind Arthur House, the Hague Building, the Hall and the McCarthy Building
  • the bank under the Walker Building
  • the Walker Building car park
  • behind the fences around the top tennis courts
  • behind the trees around the swimming pool
  • the lower green (soccer pitch)
  • behind the gardener’s shed
  • behind, below or in between the prefabs (R1 and R2)


No students may smoke at any time when subject to school expectations including travelling to and from school, nor on any occasion when smoking would adversely reflect upon the school.

Consequences are the same whether the offence is smoking, in possession of cigarettes or associating with a smoker.


No students may consume, or be under the influence of, drugs or alcohol at any time when subject to school expectations including travelling to and from school, nor on any occasion when such activity would adversely reflect upon the school.  Consequences are the same whether the offence is consuming or associating with a consumer of alcohol or drugs.


Students who wilfully or carelessly damage school property will be required to reimburse the costs of the damage.  All damage should be reported immediately to the Deputy or Assistant Principals.


Students are subject to school expectations from the time they leave home in the morning until they return home after school, and at all school organised events. Students should not be in the city centre in school uniform, before or after school hours.


The school uniform is to be worn correctly at all times.

  • Uniform items are to be clean, tidy and well maintained
  • The minimum length of the kilt is to be on the knee (i.e. no more than 0-5cm above the ground when kneeling)
  • No visible T shirts under school blouses
  • Shoes are McKinlays ‘Molly’ black shoe, black Roman sandal and black Birkenstock Rio sandal
  • Sandals are always worn with the backs up
  • No extremes of hair colour or style
  • No visible body piercings except in the ears
  • The only acceptable jewellery is plain silver or gold studs in the ears and a watch
  • No make-up
  • No visible tattoos


We believe that it is important to maintain high standards of dress and appearance, and therefore require that the following uniform be worn.

All school uniform items, except black roman sandals, are available from the school uniform shop.  Prices are shown below.

The shop is open during term time on Wednesdays from 1.00pm – 4.30pm. It is located on the Upper Green below the Walker building.

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