Shanshan Huang from China: ​​​​​​​

Maya from Germany:

Napier Girls’ High, New Zealand, one year abroad has been unique and unforgettable.

Excited but full of doubts and uncertainty I got on the plane and after 23 hours of flying, I was dearly welcomed by the international coordinator and my host mum at the airport.

My poor English skills, as well as certainly the jet lag and lack of sleep, made it difficult to have a fluent conversation at first. Thinking back, I have to smile, however, the ability to communicate fluently adjusted itself quite automatically.

The new everyday life was much too exciting to spend much time thinking about home. From the wet, cold winter to New Zealand's beautiful summer - be warned the sun's intensity is not to be underestimated, even when there are clouds!!

I went on various trips and participated in a wide range of activities from surfing lessons on the beach, to the absolute highlight Hobbiton! And of course having the senior prom was great.

New Zealand is indeed very isolated, but my experiences and memories of the school, the city, the people, the culture and my lovely family... I would never, ever want to give them away.

Ha from Vietnam:

I was an international student at NGHS for 2 years. I came to New Zealand and NGHS when I was only 16 years old, all by myself, without knowing anyone or anything about the culture of this brand-new country on another continent. Not to mention that I have only barely spoken any English in my life too, at that time. I was super overwhelmed. However, I'm so glad that I have chosen NGHS as my first place of study and a "second home", as it has really shaped my primary thoughts about living in NZ. 

All the international staff, the teachers, and the host families were very welcoming, helpful, understanding, and patient with us. My transition into NZ's life would have been so much harder without their help. Academic-wise, the education and teaching at NGHS was exactly what I needed to prepare myself for further tertiary education. 

And last but not least, I'm super grateful for all the connections and friends that I've made at NGHS. I have definitely made some lifelong friends there, which whom I am still very close with and keep in touch with today. I would say this is probably one of the most precious and brightest things that have come into my life, as this wouldn't have been me today, using English comfortably like this, having this way of thinking, happy, grateful, and enjoying life, without knowing them all.

Lilly von Lacroix from Germany:

Aoi Mashima from Japan:

Seiya from Thailand:

For me, studying abroad was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Everyone gave me a very warm welcome. I didn’t only study, I had the opportunity to do various activities that I never thought I would have but NGHS international made it possible. Moreover, I gained a lot of knowledge. The most important part is the friends from many countries who came to study here. I had an excellent experience with good memories and miss the time at Napier Girls’ High School.

Emma from Germany:

Studying abroad at NGHS was one of the best experiences I have had in my life. I learned a lot and made really good friends. One of my favorite moments at NGHS were the house challenges, they were fun. Most of the people were very welcoming and that made me feel like home. 

Air from Thailand:

NGHS gave me various experiences from academic to extracurricular. All students and staff were very nice and welcoming. It was a great decision to study abroad at Napier Girls’ High School.

Turid from Germany:

During my studies at NGHS I got to meet people from all around the world. My favourite part was making new friends, learning about their cultures and cooking national dishes. Everyone helped me through homesickness and made me feel welcome.

Devi from Germany:

My study abroad year at Napier Girls' High School was definitely an unforgettable experience. NGHS is a modern school with a huge variety of arts, classes and extracurricular activities. They welcomed me really warmly and I always felt regarded. Napier in general is a really beautiful small town close to the sea. It has a lot of art deco buildings and is quite green. Because of Napier’s size you can easily meet new people and visit places. Close to Napier are beautiful beaches and you can do a lot of activities with the international office like going rafting or surfing. Once a year there is a huge festival that is called Art Deco, dedicated to the earthquake in 1931. Just do not forget to pack warm clothing because winter does exist in New Zealand! I had a remarkable experience that I can recommend to everyone.

Moji from Thailand:

I will never forget this experience! Everyone that I knew there was so friendly, helpful, and considerate. Actually, I was struggling in the beginning, but the situation forced me to be brave to speak more English which was a great thing! Ms. Jo took care of all of us and taught us as well. This is why I came there twice!

Riona from Japan:

I have wonderful memories from NGHS. Thanks to helpful buddies, I could work out the school routine. I visited many places and activities in New Zealand such as horse riding, surfing and travelling to the capital city.  I am sure anyone can enjoy the school life here.

Pitchaya Tangtanawirut from Thailand: