School Life

Every Napier Girls’ High School student is expected to participate in the wide range of co-curricular activities available. Some girls excel and others just enjoy taking part. In participating and contributing, girls are helped to belong to the school, to develop more skills and to make new friends.

Important whole school activities are held, such as sports days, singing, prize-giving and Gift Service. Here students learn the expectations for formal situations, and how to have fun with socials and House competitions. Students mix with girls of both the same age and across age levels in sporting, musical and service groups.

The school has developed songs and activities that reflect local, national and international cultural values so each girl will identify with her New Zealand culture and be open to that of others. The school has its own song, hymn, waiata and haka composed by staff and students and the repertoire is continually evolving.

Over her five years at high school, each girl is encouraged to take part in activities she enjoys, to take on new challenges, to grow in her self-management and then to take leadership of others.