Music Groups: Vocal and Instrumental


NGHS has several choirs and each choir has a slightly different role and performance opportunities. The main focus of our Choirs are to encourage students to sing together as a group, develop vocal skills and have fun learning and performing songs in several parts. 

School Choir

​​​​​​​The school choir is open to all students who wish to enjoy the experience of singing in a large group. There is no audition required for this choir - everyone is welcome. The main performance opportunities for this choir are the Big Sing and the Music Showcase evening concert. Rehearsals are once a week on Wednesday lunchtime in the hall. 

Ad Lucem

​​​​​​​The Ad Lucem choir is our extension choir which performs more advanced music. This group has several rehearsals per week and performs in several events throughout the year including the Big Sing, Music Showcase, assemblies etc. Rehearsals are Monday lunchtime and after school once a week.

​​​​​​​Instrumental Groups

NGHS provides students with a wide range of instrumental groups to participate in. An important skill when learning to play an instrument is to learn to perform in a group with other musicians and so we encorouage students to enjoy all these opportunities they have offer. In most cases students need to develop skills on their chosen instrument before they join an instrumental group.

A proud tradition of NGHS is our strong school Orchestra. Students are encouraged to play in the orchestra once they reach the required standard. The orchestra consists of over 50 musicians and performs at both school and community concerts and celebrations. This group also participates in the HB Secondary Schools Orchestra day and the Australian International Music Festival in Sydney. Rehearsals are Thursday lunchtime and extra practices are timetabled in preparation for events. 

Rock Bands
Guitar, Bass guitar, keyboard and drum students are encouraged to perform in a Rock Band. We are fortunate to have a Rock Band tutor to assist these students. Students rehearse before school on Tuesday mornings as well as organising their own extra rehearsals. The rock bands perform in the Smokefree rockquest, school assemblies and concerts and outdoor lunchtime concerts. ​​​​​​​

Chamber Music
NGHS has a strong tradition of Chamber Music and each year approx 20 chamber music groups participate  in the National Chamber Music contest. Each group consists of 3 - 8 instrumentalists and this is an excellent way for students to develop ensemble skills and explore new music. 

Concert Band
Players of woodwind, brass and percussion instruments have the opportunity to participate in this group. This group is a great opportunity for both young and more experienced players to develop ensemble skills by playing a range of popular music. 

Music Theory Club
All students are welcome to join our Music Theory Club. This club is designed to help students develop their music reading skills and general music theory skills. Theory club is held after school on Tuesday 3.20- 4.30pm.

Please do not hesitate to email Mr Atkinson or Mrs Purdy if you have any questions.

If you are interested in participating in any of the above and would like more information, please email