​​​​​​​School Fees

Fees and Charges

In 2020 the school opted into the Ministry of Education donation scheme.  There are no subject fee charges for anything involved with the curriculum.  Donations can only be asked for overnight camps.

Stationery Costs
You will receive a stationery and workbook list prior to the beginning of school via email. The cost for stationery and workbooks is estimated at approximately $120.00.

Sports Fees
These are optional activities for which payment will be required.

School Magazine – Torchbearer
The charge of $20 for the annual school magazine is optional. This is distributed at the end of the year, but charged for at the start of the year to determine the print run.

Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC)
Each year the Year 9 classes have the opportunity to take part in a day of EOTC during February. The purpose of this day is for students to get to know members of their horizontal class and the staff who will be teaching them. The class will work as a unit learning co-operative skills and trust skills whilst having some intellectual and physical challenges. 

Music Tuition
Year 10-13 music students have the opportunity to learn an instrument through school at no cost.  
Those students wishing to enrol for optional lessons can do so at a cost of $250 for the year.

Online Payments
To make payments online, our bank account number is: 03 0698 0982682 00​​​​​​​ (Westpac Bank).  Please ensure you use your daughter's name as a reference