Access to the Uniform Shop is currently via Clyde Road

In keeping with our school value of respect, it is expected that our uniform is worn with pride. 

Students are expected to keep their uniforms clean and tidy and to wear them correctly at all times. This includes on the way to school and returning home. The same expectation applies when attending any out-of-school event where school uniform is worn. 

Students may wear any combination of the following uniform items:

Skirt: NGHS kilt – knee length

Lavalava: NGHS navy blue lavalava

Trousers: NGHS long black trousers

Blouse: NGHS long-sleeved white blouse / short-sleeved white blouse

Cardigan: Navy regulation cardigan

Vest: Navy regulation vest

Tie: School tie (compulsory on Mondays)

Footwear: Black Roman sandals and Black leather McKinlay Molly shoes with either:

Plain white ankle socks (not sports socks); or Black tights

  • The jacket is optional and available through the Uniform Shop. 
  • The school blazer is navy with the school crest on the pocket. Students are required to wear the school blazer when they are officially representing the school and is compulsory from Year 10. The blazer can be purchased from the Uniform Shop from Year 10 onwards.
  • All Year 9 and 10 students must wear the school’s Physical Education uniform: Navy blue shorts and blue shirt.  Sports shoes and white ankle socks are also required for Physical Education at times.
  • Swimming togs are required, but board shorts may be worn over togs.
  • Sports uniforms may be hired by students playing for the school. School tracksuits and sweatshirts are also available for Inter-school sporting activities.

NB: All uniform items, except roman sandals and swimwear, are available from our Uniform Shop.


The only jewellery that may be worn are:

• a watch

• plain gold/silver studs in the ears (other body piercings are not acceptable). Cultural nose piercings will be allowed on a case by case basis, in discussion with the Principal.

• a taonga – in respect of Māori students’ cultural identity, they may wear a visible taonga. The National Education Guidelines state all School Charters must recognise the unique position of Māori culture in New Zealand society (NEG 10). Under the Treaty of Waitangi, state/integrated schools have to ensure uniform and appearance rules give Māori control over their taonga (Youth Law).

Confiscated jewellery will be secured in a named envelope which can be collected by a parent/caregiver the following day.

Hair and Make-up

Long hair must be tidy while girls are in uniform. Girls are required to tie their hair up for formal occasions including the Monday and Principal assemblies.  Hair styles must be satisfactory to the Principal and do not include extremes of fashion or colour - hair should look natural. Ribbons, hair clips etc must be navy, black, blue or white. Make-up and nail varnish are not to be worn. 


Visible tattoos are not permitted. The only exception, in consultation with the Principal, are Ta moko (traditional Māori tattoo) and Taulima (traditional Polynesian tattoo).

Year 13 Students (and Hostel) Mufti

Year 13 students at Napier Girls’ High School are able to be in non-uniform from Tuesday to Friday. The standard of non-uniform for Year 13 students and hostel students will be to the satisfaction of the Principal. The standards expected get explained to the students at the beginning of each year. 

Year 13 students are to wear uniform every Monday and for formal school events, special occasions and when representing the school at certain events. 


All articles of uniform and all other possessions must be clearly marked with the owner’s name. 

Contact Heather Massey at the Uniform Shop if you have any queries:

hmassey@nghs.school.nz or 06 835 1069 ext 251

Uniform Shop Hours:

Term 1: Every Wednesday from lunchtime until 5.30pm.

Term 2, 3, 4: Every Wednesday from 12.30pm until 4pm.​​​​​​​


Access to our Uniform Shop is currently via Clyde Road.

Uniform Shop Prices (as at 5 June 2024):

Kilt (and pin)$165.00
Short Sleeve Blouse$55.00
Long Sleeve Blouse$58.00
Sleeveless Vest (optional)$75.00
School Scarf (optional)$30.00
Kilt Pin$3.00
Opaque Tights$12.00
White Ankle Socks$10.00
Winter Shoes - McKinlay Molly$110.00
Winter Jacket (optional)$98.00

PE Uniform 
(compulsory for Year 9 and 10 students)

Physical Education Shorts $42.00
Physical Education Shirt $42.00
Sport Socks $20.00
Hoodie (optional)$95.00