​​​​​​​Bus Information

Please check your schoolbridge (parent portal) permission forms to register for the bus -  https://nghs.bridge.school.nz


Please read through all of these rules so that the safety and comfort of those who travel on school buses can be assured. These rules will be strictly enforced by school staff and bus drivers who have the full support of the school.

Please contact Mrs Pollett [rpollett@nghs.school.nz] or Mr Otto [potto@nghs.school.nz] if you have any problems with your child bus travel during the year. 

Should there be any issues with buses in the morning or after school please contact our school office, 06 835 1069.

General Rules

  1. Students shall only get on or get off a stationary bus

  2. Students must always get on or get off by the passenger door. The door on the driver’s side is for emergency use only.

  3. Students should remain seated while on the bus and should be mindful of the bus driver's vision so that it is not impaired. 

  4. After leaving the bus, students must walk to the rear of the bus, wait until the vehicle has moved off and they have clear vision of the road before they may cross the road. 

  5. Students must keep well clear of a bus when it is turning or reversing

  6. In the event of a breakdown where students have to leave the bus, they must stand clear of the bus and off the road. 

  7. Except in an emergency, students should stay on the bus between their home stop and school. 

  8. Students may not leave the school grounds while waiting for buses. 

  9. Students may not save seats for others. 

  10. You must complete the digital Napier Girls’ High School BUS REGISTRATION form before you can use the school buses. 

All school rules apply while on the bus. 

Cooperation of the bus drivers instructions is appreciated.

Mrs Pollett

Bus Controller, Napier Girls’ High School